Episode 44. Hard Target & Sudden Death

Van Damme it all to Hell. With special guest "Paul" Mike Sains ( EIC of Fanboysinc & host of Audio Barre) we get mad as hell at Amazon's Vine program, eat huge racks of ribs, giant banana cream pies, and transition from subtitles to poor English with a JCVD double feature of Hard Target ( the tale of a man who just wants $257) and Sudden Death ( where a Penguins fan lives the dream of playing in the 7th game of the Stanley Cup AND kill a woman dressed as a mascot in a kitchen with a dishwasher). Music by Glenn White (www.glennwhite.net)  a Fanboysinc show (www.fanboysinc.com) Sponsored by Death Wish Coffee (www.deathwishcoffee.com) use promocode Fanboysinc for 15% off.

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